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MOPAR Crate Engines

Fuel Injected. Carbureted. Naturally Aspirated. Supercharged. Turbocharged. HEMI, Big Block, Small Block LA & Magnum. If you're looking for a MOPAR crate engine for your daily driver, muscle car, race car, truck, street rod or hot rod, we can build you the engine you've always wanted. From modern muscle cars to the classic performance icons, we can help you spec and build any type of engine for any performance application. We machine and assemble everything on premise using the best parts from the best performance names in the industry as well as designing and manufacturing our own specialty parts right here in house. 

And after your new engine is built, we finish it off with expert engine and chassis dyno tuning.
MOPAR Cylinder Heads

Cylinder heads are more than just key elements in making horsepower but also big players in maximizing an engine's overall efficiency as well as getting the most performance out of every other part and modification you make to an engine. So, to make sure your engine performs its best, we make sure every set of cylinder heads we sell is matched to work perfectly within its intended application ensuring peak efficiency and performance. This is why we port and flow every set of cylinder heads in house on our own flow benches and with our own CNC written programming all of which is the result of our never ending quest to bring you the best cylinder heads available.
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We Speak MOPARformance

At PIE, we specialize in Mopar Muscle of all kinds. From Classic Muscle Cars to Modern Muscle Machines, we can build, install and tune just about any engine configuration and combo you want - street engines, race engines, naturally aspirated and supercharged crate engines. When you want an engine built to perform we'll be happy to build it for you here at PIE. 

If you like turning your own wrenches, we offer complete top end and rotating assemblies so you can build your own tire fryer. We offer cylinder heads "out of the box" or custom ported to your needs, we can help you choose the perfect camshaft for your combo from our own, custom designed cam series then help you pair it with the best intake manifold so that your new engine will always perform its best. 

We also specialize in engine tuning. We can fine tune your carburetor or fuel injected car or truck to a razor's edge on our in house chassis dyno and for those of you looking to tune your car at home, we offer online and over the phone tuning and tech support when and where you need it most. We're even a certified SCT Tuner distributor and certified tech specialist so we have you covered there too.
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