Mopar LA Small Block 
Crate Engines

We have a long and proven history building Mopar's LA Small Block and are excited to offer many different crate engine configurations of it. From stroker kits to standard sizes, from hot street to serious strip, from high flow iron heads to all out  aluminum head performers in naturally aspirated and forced induction versions, if there's a way to build a small block Mopar crate engine, we build it. And if there's something you want to try that you haven't seen, we're ready to built that too. 
While there's little doubt the HEMI is Mopar's most recognizable performance engine, the LA Small block is its most prolific. In continuous mass production from 1966 through 2003, it underwent only one "major" design revision in 1992 and has been installed in tens of millions of cars and trucks throughout its history. As a performance piece, it was Mopar's standard performance bearer in 273, 340 & 360 cubic inch engines and even provided the foundation of the Viper's phenomenal V10 engine. It has been a winning force in NASCAR, Trans Am, Sprint Car, Dirt Track, Indy and of course, NHRA not to mention the power behind almost countless street racers, grudge match competitors and attitude packing street machines.
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