Mopar Gen 3 HEMI Crate Engines

Nothing screams Mopar power and image like a HEMI and a PIE Gen 3 Crate HEMI Engine scream as loud as they come. We specialize in building the HEMI-headed wonder in just about any configuration you can think of. From stock-based but "breathed on" crate engines, to stroked, poked and blown powerhouses, we can build you the Gen 3 Crate Hemi engine that suits your style and your ride; from really bad-ass to race-ready, true Mopar Performance is spelled HEMI and HEMI Performance is spelled PIE. 
Look Stock. Go Fast.

Here is an example of speaking softly and carrying a big stick. This 5.7 HEMI looks stock  but belts out well over 400 RWHP. One key to its performance is our specially ported HEMI cylinder heads. Ported and flowed in-house we pay special attention to building as a high a flow rate as possible across all rpm ranges while also maximizing port velocity and balancing intake and exhaust flow. The result is excellent power, efficiency and a great base to build serious horsepower.
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