Mopar Big Block Crate Engines

Few engines can match the Mopar Big Block when it comes to making simple, reliable, cost effective and class leading horsepower and here at PIE, we offer Mopar Big Block Crate engines to prove it. In its production days, Mopar's Big Block was the engine people took into battle to face down legions of Brand X machines from FoMoCo & the General; 383's were budget screamers, 413 & 426 Max Wedges were legends and the 440 was Mopar's top wedge with the 440 Six Pak version able to face down Street Hemis unless in the hands of the best tuners and drivers. Today, we can help you make even those fearsome power plants look tame by building you the Big Mopar Wedge of your dreams: you want a 440? Great! But how about stroked a 440 to 500 inches instead? If you want it, we have it. Now imagine it with a supercharger...or maybe twin turbos. We can build that too.
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