Mopar Engine Tuning

Chassis Dyno
The right tune can unlock incredible amounts of horsepower and when you consider how inexpensive it is to use our in house chassis dyno, it can be like finding FREE horsepower and you gotta love that.
SCT Tuning
SCT is a leader in the world of high tech automotive performance tuning and programming and we are proud to be a certified SCT Tuning Partner & Distributor. Whether it's simply unleashing all those horses the factory tune keeps in the barn or finding every bit of power from your new head & cam package or supercharger install, we've got the tools and experience to help you ride them all.
Custom Tuning Programs
Sometimes different cars like different tunes and sometimes those tunes don't exist. Until now. At PIE, we specialize in diagnosing and dialing in custom programming and tuning issues to help make your car or truck perform its best. We can write custom tunes remotely from our shop which means we can get you going (fast!) no matter where you are.
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