Crate Engines

Mopar Crate Engines

A crate engine can make or break your build and your budget so at PIE, we do our very best to build custom Mopar Crate Engines that are big on performance, not dollars. In fact, when it comes to the performance you get per dollar you spend, we think you'll find our crate engines among the best performance values available anywhere. And the quality of our crate engines goes way beyond high horsepower and big torque numbers because we also focus on reliability, durability and the intended application and use of each engine we build. That's why we take the time to personally discuss with each client the specific goals and objectives of their crate engine. It's why we personally select and custom spec each component for every single engine and it's why we do all of our machine work in house. From engine block cleaning, boring, honing, decking and more to cylinder head porting and flow testing, every single thing we do is done with care and a critical eye toward fit and function. Then, when we're done hand assembling your new engine, we dyno test and tune each one to make sure it delivers what we said it would. After all, it's not just your new crate engine, it's ours too.
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