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"I'm running a mild 408" Stroker motor with Hughes Engines components and recommended parts. The target performance for the motor was always to have just under 500 hp, monster torque, great street manners and reasonable mileage. Hughes delivered in spades once again. Their hydraulic roller cam recommendation was spot on! Once assembled and running, my issue became finding the right tune for my EFI. I had initially used a widely recognized tuner, who send me a few tunes that got it running, but I could tell there was lots more potential in the motor. I was also getting longer and longer wait times for responses from him. I'm running a factory Dodge manual transmission PCM with a Hotwire Auto Hotrod Harness, 39 lbs Ford racing injectors. I use an SCT Tuner to program my system. I asked Dave Hughes if he could recommend anyone to tune the EFI, as I could tell it just didn't feel right, was down on power and the plugs were reading lean. Dave recommended Chris at Performance Injection Equipment, saying that he tunes all their EFI stuff. I gave Chris a call, described my situation, and he began to work his magic, including mapping my fuel curve with the O2 sensor off, so he could get the curve very close and not rely on the O2 sensor to correct for a bad tune. That made a lot of sense to me. Within 4 tunes, Chris had nailed it. I even had an O2 sensor go bad near the end, and Chris picked right up on it. I swapped in a fresh one and his final tune rocked! The motor picked up at least 50 hp if not more. The drivability is spot on and the performance and economy is amazing! All this was done an entire continent apart from each other too. Thanks Chris for the thousands of smiles your tune brings me.” - John Cross
"I entrusted Chris and Performance Injection Equipment with rebuilding the engine of a family heirloom, in my 1970 Dodge Dart Swinger 340. Bought new by my uncle, it was very important that things be done the right way the first time. P.I.E. did am incredible job of making the engine run better than new and have followed up with me to make sure everything is fine even months after the work was completed. The car also needed the rear end rebuilt which presented some unique problems caused by rare manufacturer defects in parts. Chris and the guys spent the time needed to diagnose the problem and were able to solve the issue and complete the rebuild for a perfect running car. I would recommend P.I.E. to anyone who has a car they really care about in need of work that needs to be done right.” - Benjhe Benton

"I Just wanted to say thanks to Chris and his crew for the kickass fuel management system and the stage 3 automatic transmission. If it weren't for you guys my truck would still have issues with the tune...Would highly recommend Chris with Performance Injection Equipment for any mods to any vehicle. Whether you want a moderate upgrade for a cruiser or you want to Anger out your vehicle to be stupid fast. Thanks again," - Ed Caron

"I first want to say thanks to Chris for the great tune on my 1999 Dakota R/T, we have went through a few rough roads between my truck having the wrong PCM and then having bad O2 Sensors. But after I got the PCM and O2 sensor issue resolved then it was up to Chris for tuning my truck. Chris was working with my local shop that has a Dyno and they were sending files back in forth and that was able to get Chris the exact numbers he needed to get me a perfect tune. My R/T has JBA headers, Edge Stall, Hughes Engines camshaft and gear, with the tune my truck gets 22 mpg on the highway! Chris with Performance Injection Equipment will always have my business from now on!!! Thanks," - Justin Kilgore

"Thank you Performance Injection Equipment for all your help on my 99 Dakota rt for the performance parts and tuning. I recommend anyone with a Dakota or other Mopar to use PIE cause in the beginning my Dakota rt was running like crap and no one around me could figure out what was wrong with my baby. I got the first 2 tune files and Chris knew my PCM was bad and once replaced the truck came alive, after that PIE been my home with parts and tuning and there customer service is awesome." - Kevin Budimur
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